Full-stack Software Developer

Certified Software developer having over 4 years of experience developing robust code, testing & QA process for high volume businesses applications. Having Hands-on experience in multiple programming languages had helped expand my knowledge in various domains. I enjoy being challenged, projects that requires me to work outside my skill set provides me an opportunity to develop my skills and development techniques as a full stack developer.

Over the course of my career experience of 4 years as a full stack developer I have:

  • Become a certified Software Development Professional with Microsoft certifications.
  • Increased efficiency by implementing Agile methodologies.
  • Highly skilled in designing, testing, and developing software
  • Thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Hands-on software troubleshooting experience
  • Comprehensive SQL database management Skills



  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Mobile Application
  • SEO
  • AWS DevOps


Experience - (4 Years, 1 Month)

Software developer

    Software Company

    • Key Responsibilities
      • Application deployment on Microsoft Azure platform for building, managing and deploying.
      • Take initiative in solving problems and make suggestions for improvement in development and application design.
      • Development of web and desktop applications on .NET framework using C# .NET CORE and ASP.NET.
      • Development of N-Tier Architectures such as MVC, Data structures, Algorithms, Object-Oriented Design, and Design patterns.
      • Unit Testing to identify and resolve functional issues.
      • Front-end development on HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, jQuery libraries AND CSS3.
      • Angular 3+ APIs, routing, data storage, design patterns, optimization, caching, and security.
      • Web Services, RESTful Web APIs (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC, and XML/JSON Parsing).
      • WordPress development, Theme customization, plugin development.
      • Involved in code review and bug fixing.
      • Source code control tools such as GitHub, TFS, SVN, and Azure DevOps.
      • Applying RDBMS Concepts, Data Mapping, Table normalization, Data Modelling.
      • Development of Puppeteer/Jest unit testing framework for continuous Front-end testing automation using Microsoft Azure platform.

    Full Stack Developer

      Gang&lani media agency company provides Marketing and IT solutions to its clients.

      • Key Responsibilities
        • Front-end Website developments using HTML5 WITH JAVASCRIPT AND CSS3.
        • Coding on PHP for WordPress backend.
        • Collaboration with web designers, clients, and other stakeholders to develop web solutions.
        • Wordpress development, Wordpress Theme customization, Wordpress plugin development.
        • Converting PDF website Designs into Wordpress Theme.
        • Managing and hosting websites.
        • Managing own workflow and deadlines on multiple projects.
        • Angular 3+ APIs, routing, data storage, design patterns, optimization, caching and security.
        • Take initiative and make suggestions for improvement.
        • Implementation of Web Services, RESTful Web APIs (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC, and XML/JSON Parsing).

      Full Stack Developer \ Lead

        Taqneen Solutions Co., Ltd. is an integrated solutions provider in Saudi Arabia.

        • Key Responsibilities
          • Developing and maintaining in-house front and back-end systems on .Net Framework, .NET MVC & C# ASP.NET.
          • Front-end Website development using HTML5 WITH JAVASCRIPT AND CSS3.
          • Bootstrap framework-based UI/UX updates of in-house backend/frontend applications user-experience.
          • Maintaining and updating MS SQL database on local servers as well as AWS R3 databases for production or demo environments.
          • jQuery, JavaScript library dependency maintenance.
          • Managing Amazon Servers, Deploying Applications, maintaining and Configuration (DevOps).
          • Implementation of Web Services, RESTful Web APIs (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC, and XML/JSON Parsing).
          • Progressive web apps development (PWA) for lightweight web applications to optimize the mobile user experience.
          • Developing small scale Android/IOS applications.
          • Communicating with all levels of management and working with both technical and non-technical team members
          • Collaborative and adaptable team player.
          • Take initiative and make suggestions for improvement.

        Web Developer

          Backyard Studios is a Saudi multi-media company that provides responsive 3D project mapping for Events and website solutions.

          • Key Responsibilities
            • Developing backend web applications on .NET, PHP frameworks.
            • Application profiling to achieve maximum output and to optimize the overall performance.
            • CMS Web Applications on Wordpress (Creating plugins, editing template themes)
            • Developing Android and IOS applications
            • Web/desktop projects including business apps, cloud integrated applications using Web Services and MVC entity Framework connecting the application at one business logic tiers.


          Agile Development - Experience 3 years
          C# ASP.NET, .NET MVC - Experience 3 years
          RDBMS AND DATA MANAGEMENT MS SQL - Experience 3 years
          PHP , MySql- Experience 3 years
          HTML 5, DHTML, CSS 3, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY - Experience 3 years

          WCF, WEB SERVICES, WEB API - Experience 3 years
          Installing, Configuring and Maintaining a SQL Server Database - Experience 3 years
          MS OFFICE, MS VISIO, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP- Experience 3 years
          AWS (Amazon Web Services) DevOps - Experience 2 years
          Android development on Android Studio- Experience 2 years

          IOS Applications - Experience 2 years
          Visual Studio
          GITHUB, JITPACK JVM and Android libraries - Experience 2 years
          Wordpress - Experience 3 years
          Configuring Continuous Integration Using Jenkins - Experience 1 years